Marin’s miracle…

Our three oldest kids spent the weekend with my parents. They had a great time doing some work with Grandpa, and they all attended a hockey game at Lake Superior State University, where Ryan played hockey back in the day. Ryan and I had a couple speaking engagements in lower Michigan, so we took Moxie-Mae and Marin with us. They were super excited to travel without their older siblings, and they were especially excited to stay in a hotel. Who knew there would be a miracle involved?

We had beautiful traveling weather. It was sunny, and there wasn’t a lot of traffic. We strapped the girls into their carseats, and away we went. We played music most of the way, with all of us singing way too loud and laughing at various things. Marin and Moxie kept requesting their favorites– Moxie kept asking for “Eye of the Tiger” (she is such a Daddy’s girl!), and Marin wanted Keith Urban’s “Stupid Boy.” Marin likes that song because “stupid” isn’t a word we encourage in our house, and she feels like she’s getting away with something when she sings that song and gets to say “stupid.” She cracks up laughing when she sings it and Ryan jokingly scolds her for saying it.

Needless to say, we had a great time.

At the hotel, our room included a small couch with a coffee table. The girls quickly turned that into an elaborate tea party. They like to use all of the hotel features to embellish their tea parties. They use the room’s ice bucket as a garbage can. They use the room’s little coffee pot as their tea pot. They found a bunch of plastic spoons and some napkins, and they used every drinking glass. They had a great time with that tea party for quite a long time.

Then they spent some time exploring the room. They always try to use the phone (yes, our children have called the front desk more than once before we could stop them). Marin thinks the phone is there so that she can call her “prince.” She has no clue that her “prince” is actually the man working at the front desk in the hotel lobby. The girls opened the fridge, checked all the cabinets, looked in the closet, and then started opening all the drawers.

That’s when Marin’s miracle occurred.

Marin opened the drawer on one of our bedside tables and found a glittery gold Bible inside. It was just the typical Gideon’s hotel Bible, but Marin gasped when she saw it. She quickly grabbed that Bible, held it over her head, and started jumping up and down in excitement.

“Mommy,” she screamed, “Jesus made this Bible just for me! See all the gold sparkles on it?! Jesus just knew I would LOVE this Bible!”

For 3-year-old Marin, that sparkly gold Bible was the highlight of the entire trip.

Marin loves anything glittery, sparkly, or full of bling. She is into all the typical princess stuff. A sparkly gold Bible is right up her alley.

So Jesus must have left that Bible in the hotel just for Marin. Miracles really can be found everywhere… even in the drawer of a hotel bedside table.

Have a great day!
Carrie :)
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